Mega Step system/ Mega step mastefod

Mega Step system/ Mega step mastefod

625,00 DKK 875,00 DKK

High precision product minimising sideways movement, whilst allowing the maximum legal fore and aft movement

Patented auto-locking mast system with manual release, allowing all mast clamps to be removed

The sliding heel fitting has grooves, to minimise friction for mast rake adjustment whilst also minimising the frictional effects of sand and salt

The adjustment wheel is slightly larger than normal to make mast rake adjustment easier and has two locking holes, which the calibration tube engages with

The calibration strip has a 25mm ring that slides up and down, indicating mast rake and is visible from behind the mast thwart.

Once the calibration strip has been marked with your preferred mast rake, a tape measure will not be needed again!

Coloured arrows with simple indicate which way to rotate the adjustment wheel, to increase or decrease the dimension on your mast rake

The centre-board shock cord is tied to the 25mm ring on the end of the adjustment thread, keeping the shock cord away from the mast heel fitting, so that easy adjustment can be achieved with gloves on!

Easily retrofitted to most Optimists -care must be taken to ensure compliance with Item 42 as stated in the bluehull measurement form in the Logbook. Hulls with this measurement being 244 mm or less may not be able to use Megastep. It is strongly recommended that you re-measure Item 42 prior to purchasing Megastep as some dimensions in the Logbooks are not always accurate.

For the more practical minded DIY Mums and Dads, this installation can be done at home.

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