DenMark 3D FLEX

DenMark 3D FLEX

23.125,00 DKK

Vejl. udsalgspris 28.906,25 DKK

Model/Varenr.: W13000

3D FLEX (Hull only)

The 3D STAR Flex has been developed to the light sailors. The hull shape is still the same as the 3D STAR.

But we have changed the last layer of the fiberglass to a less torsion stiff version.

The opening in the mast thwart has been maximized in size to make the boat more flex. It is 15% more flexible than the 3D STAR.
+ a handfull of other things. 
All this generate a boat there helps the small light sailors to be super-fast in all conditions.    
All the new things we have done give this boat a much smoother ride in the waves and help the light sailors to lift the bow above the waves.

It also allow the light sailor to sit more forward were the boat is wider (better hiking position) 
We have also upgraded the 3D STAR FLEX with 4:1 mainsheet to help the light sailors in heavy wind.
Who should use our 3D STAR FLEX
Light sailors struggeling in strong winds, Sailors struggling in choppy waves

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